Government of Ontario Benefits:

PC Government has announced a lock down for 28 days effective November 23, 2020 :
but to provide financial support to businesses suffering losses because of lock down, PC Government
under Premium Ford has announced multiple financial support to businesses.

Below are some of them that might help businesses:

1. PPE Support

  • Government has announced $1,000 support to businesses for purchasing PPE equipment (such as gloves, masks, face shield, sanitizers etc.). Businesses have to have all receipts to claim this amount.
    Businesses must have between two and nine employees in one of the four sectors:
  • Retail
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Personal and laundry services

2. Property Tax and energy bill rebates

Businesses that were required to be shut down or significantly restrict services due to lockdown
due to Provincial public health measures (mainly stage 2 lockdown) can apply for these fixed
costs to reduce financial burden. The money received will be considered a grant and does not
require repayment.

This support is available for businesses who were required to significantly reduce their services.

Type of businesses that will have this support are:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Meeting or event places
  • Performing arts and cinemas
  • Personal care services (Oxygen bars are exempted)
  • Bingo halls, casinos, conference centres and convention centres
  • In-person teaching and instructions
  • Community centres, multi-purpose facilities and museums
  • Racing venues
  • Gyms, facilities for indoor sports and recreational fitness activities

Eligible businesses could get
Municipal and education property taxes; and
Energy costs (including electricity and natural gas)

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with funding. Stay safe stay happy…

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