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Whether you are an individual, a business or a charity, international capital can present a myriad of choices, opportunities and potential consequences.

We have considerable international knowledge and experience and are well-placed to advice on the complexities that cross-border transactions and movements can bring. We provide international corporate tax advice to a wide range of clients. This includes advising on:

  • Residence And Permanent Establishment Issue.
  • Repatriation Of Profits.
  • Double Tax Conventions.
  • Controlled Foreign Companies.
  • Double Taxation Relief.
  • Structuring And Restructuring Groups.
  • Cross-Border Acquisitions And Disposals.
  • Inbound And Outbound Investment.
  • Transfer Pricing Policies.
  • Financing Activities.
  • Intellectual Property Planning.
  • European Directives And Case Law.

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